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product arrow Perkins Genset Silent 250 Kva

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Perkins Genset Silent 250 Kva

Specification :

  • Perkins Engine Model 1306C-E87TAG6
  • Alternator Stamford / Leroy Somer
  • Rated Output Power (Prime Power) 200 KW
  • Rated Output Power (Prime Power) 250 KVA

Perkins is a truly global manufacturing company, with plants in the United Kingdom (in Peterboroughand Stafford), the USA (Griffin, Georgia), and Brazil (Curitiba).  From these plants the company is able to supply the right engines to the right customers at the right time.
With Class A certification, Perkins’ manufacturing operations are all about quality. The company is committed to machining all major components in-house.

Engine Features :

The 1306C-E87TAG6 engine is a turbocharged and air-to-air charge cooled unit, featuring hydraulically-actuated electronically controlled unit injectors (HEUI) with ‘full authority’ electronic engine management providing reliable,quiet, economic operation supported by the quick starting, fast response and close control demanded by the electrical power generation market.

High performance productive power

  • Hydraulically actuated Electronically controlled Unit Injectors – high-pressure fuel injection gives consistent, reliable high performance.
  • Constant electronic engine management and monitoring enable precise fuel metering and injection timing to ensure reliable low temperature starting, superb economy with performance and very close governing.

Quiet, clean power

  • A rigid structure minimises noise transmission and helically cut gears provide quiet power transfer to auxiliaries.
  • Forced induction and electronic fuel injection control combine to reduce combustion noise while electronically optimised fuel/air mixing ensures complete combustion resulting in virtually smoke free operation with emissions capability matching current and future emissions legislation.

Durable power

  • A fully balanced induction-hardened steel crankshaft gives smooth performance with minimised bearing loads.
  • Oil cooled pistons with keystone top and second rings give longer life while positive rotational valves and roller cam followers reduce wear on valve seats, tappetsand cam lobes.

Reliable power

  • Cylinder head coolant is directed to valve bridges and injectors and lubricating oil is cooled in a high efficiency oil cooler, both features enhancing engine reliability.
  • Electronic safety shutdown option protects the engine while event and fault warning codes protect operations.

Easy maintenance

  • Electronic diagnostics help to keep the engine at its productive best while enabling the operator to plan maintenance. Oil and filter changes at 450 hours reduce down time.

Engine Specification :

  • Number of cylinders 6
  • Cylinder arrangement Vertical in-line
  • Cycle 4 stroke
  • Induction system Turbocharged, air-to-air chargecooled
  • Combustion system Direct injection
  • Cooling system Water-cooled
  • Bore and stroke 116.6 x 135.9 mm
  • Displacement 8.7 litres
  • Compression ratio 16.9:1
  • Total lubrication system capacity 26.4 litres
  • Coolant capacity 37.2 litres
Fuel consumption :
  • Stanby 49.7 Ltr/hr
  • Prime power 45 Ltr/hr
  • 75% of prime power 36 Ltr/hr
  • 50% of prime power 24 Ltr/hr 

HIGH QUALITY STEEL AND PAINT CRAFTWORK - The canopies are made of high quality steel. The paint is highly endurable against erosion and scratch.

COMPACT STRUCTURE - Compact structure, small size and longer service life.

EXCELLENT SILENCER - Silencer and muffler pipe system dramatically reduce the noice during operation, and therefore cause less effect on daily life.

FULLY-CLOSED NOISE REDUCTION - Besides airproof rubber around the doors, the inlet and outlet are airproof threated to further lower the noice.

HIGH QUALITY SOUND ABSORBING MATERIAL - The interior is lined with new type fire retardant sound absorbing cotton and the door is airproof with rubber specifically for car doors, which helps absorb massive noise and heat during the operation.


  • Anti-vibration mountings between the engines, alternator and the base significantly reduce the vibrations during operation, ensuring stable operation.
  • All movable devices are fixed firmly and therefore help reduce vibration.


  • Double protection for the cable connection panel, lowering the chance of leakage caused by unintended touch or rain falling.
  • Three-dimensional cabling design for all the generator cable, providing reasonable, accurate and perfect protection.


  • The radiator and high-voltage parts are guarded to avoid accidents caused by touch.
  • The control panel is lockable. Current changeover switch, voltage regulator and circuit breakers are installed behind the door.
  • Anti-vibration rubber are installed in the two sides of the doors to avoid damage to the machines when open the doors.
  • Lockable fuel filling cap.


  • The daily maintenance work can be performed on booth sides of the machine, and wide door allows you easily get in touch with the machine.
  • An integral waste drainage outlet located at the bottom of the machine makes easier regular maintenance.

Free !! 1 Year Service & Maintenance *
* Luar Jabodetabek tambah biaya transportasi dan akomodasi

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